Tuesday 9th October

First bus on time, hopefully catch 2nd bus ots dark this morning and bus smells of curry. Im tired had a bad night . agh missed 2nd bus. Still waiting for bus. I can see it in the distance whilst being tormented by the smell of bacon from the butty shop. I might mange to get the next one at 8.00am fingers crossed. A possible 20 minute wait.

Nice one a bus has arrived I’ll be able to have a brew before works starts. Happy Tuesday folks.


8th October return journey

Just missed a bus but next one came along quickly. Now driver has decided to have a rest so the race is on to catch next one. Not much hope so I’ll miss the last bus andchave a 20 minute walk home after a very challenging day. Keep yelping with shooting pains in my back. The kids in class find it highly amusing. At least its not raining. Third bus pulled out as my bus pulled in the car second one pulled out as we were getting of bus. Not happy probably another 6.30pm before I get home.😩 Another one just turned up that’s 3 in the space of 10 minutes although he’s not set of yet, I definitely won’t catch my last bus which leaves at 5.15pm long walk home after this journey. I’m pleased can’t smell any smokers or BO. Aw just had a lovely chat with a lady waiting for a replacement knee. Gone are the days when I used to chat about what to wear at weekend lol.

Tilly the escape artist.

No buses today its Sunday and far to stressful with them only running every hour.

Anyway Tilly is my dog, she’s not allowed upstairs, she sees this as a challenge. So whilst making a brew she managed to move the paste board which is in front of the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs, because she learned a long time ago how to open the gate. It amazes me because i struggle with it sometimes. Anyway she got upstairs, i heard her running around jumping of beds etc. When i went up shes lay on the bed and has eaten a jar of vaseline. A dose of the shits on the way…..

Friday 5th October

So at 2nd bus stop very early because i got up suddenly rushed around and it was only 5am so walked to second bus stop, no point in hanging around. In theroy this should be a stress free morning but no sign of any bus yet! So leaving extra early and having a 20 minute walk paid off bus is here 2 minutes early with no metro papers so ill have to people watch. No odd smells, lovely. Looking good for next bus fingers crossed but anything can happen Mr I stink of fans has sat in front of me….gona start carrying air freshener with me. Oh here we go my peace is broken, Mrs let’s share my conversation on the phone with the whole bus… (we’re not interested) my goal is catching buses that turn up late, turn up 2 together or don’t turn up at all. Still looking good for next bus.😆 happy days on last bus and they have an excellent supply of metro to read I’m early and not feeling stressed for a change. Catch you later unless something exciting happens between here and my stop. X